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Mok'nstsis Park

The Cliff Bungalow-Mission Community Association, through its Heritage Committee, has initiated a range of projects to serve the community’s commitment to preserving its heritage.

One area which had received little attention in the past was the heritage of the first peoples in the area. As a result of the light footprint a nomadic people leave on the Earth, they leave few sites to recognize. Toward remedying this omission, we petitioned The City of Calgary to name the small park at the east end of 26th Avenue SW Mok’nstsis, a Blackfoot word meaning “elbow.” The park is on the Elbow River just below a sharp bend. The City approved our submission.

To gain insight into the first people’s perspective of the area we worked with the City’s Aboriginal Issues Strategist who also put us in touch with a Blackfoot elder. He has offered his thoughts on the name we have chosen, and also facilitated an Offering Ceremony to properly give thanks for the river, its waters and the surrounding life the waters nourish. The ceremony gave a blessing to those involved in the project so they could be successful in its implementation.

The cairn and plaque pictured below were erected December 2014.


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