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Heritage Plaques

The Heritage Committee has established a Heritage Recognition Program which allows community residents to participate directly in recognizing and celebrating what is special about their neighbourhoods. Residents are invited to nominate their own home, or any other site they consider to be of historical value, for community heritage recognition. Proposals are considered by a jury. If the jury deems a site worthy, the Community Association offers the property owner a handsome plaque provided and installed at no cost to the owner. The plaque is shown in the accompanying photo.

Unlike provincial or municipal recognition, no legal obligation to maintain the site is imposed on the owner. Nominators are, nonetheless, asked to obtain the owner’s approval.

Nominations may be made by any resident of Cliff Bungalow-Mission and may include man-made or natural sites. Nominators are asked to submit their site to the Heritage Committee, including a property description, an explanation why they think their site is deserving, and any information they have that might help the jury, i.e. date built, the builder or architect, architectural value, historical connections, etc.

Cliff Bungalow-Mission is a very special place. This program provides an opportunity for residents to show their appreciation of its charm, its character and its history.

For information about the program, contact our Heritage Director at


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