Cliff Bungalow Mission Community Association

The Cliff Bungalow Community Association was incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta on November 29, 1978. 


The Heritage Committee is dedicated to both the preservation and recognition of the history Cliff Bungalow-Mission. We aim to maintain the character of the community while advocating for our place in Calgary’s history.

We are actively involved in the preservation of the community by:

  • Promoting the adaptive reuse of buildings

  • Monitoring the city’s Municipal Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources and ensuring that as many buildings as possible make the list.

  • We are working closely with the Development Committee to develop architectural guidelines to supplement the Area Redevelopment Plans. These guidelines will facilitate the preservation of Cliff Bungalow-Mission’s historic architecture.


We promote the history of the community through a number of initiatives, including:

  • The CBMCA Plaque Program recognizes significant historical structures. Contact the Heritage Committee to nominate a building.

  • Historic Calgary Week Walking Tour – The Chinook Country Historical Society organizes a yearly walking tour in recognition of important people and places in Calgary’s history. Check the website for this year’s schedule.

  • The Historic Street Sign Program commemorates the historic names of every street in the community.


To assist in our work, the committee makes use of various city-wide organizations and resources, including:

  • The Calgary Heritage Initiative

  • The Calgary Heritage Authority

  • Heritage Roundtables

  • Historical Society of Alberta

  • The Chinook Historical Society

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