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The Heritage Committee is dedicated to both the preservation and recognition of the history Cliff Bungalow-Mission. We aim to maintain the character of the community while advocating for our place in Calgary’s history.

We are actively involved in the preservation of the community by:

  • Promoting the adaptive reuse of buildings

  • Monitoring the city’s Municipal Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources and ensuring that as many buildings as possible make the list.

  • We are working closely with the Development Committee to develop architectural guidelines to supplement the Area Redevelopment Plans. These guidelines will facilitate the preservation of Cliff Bungalow-Mission’s historic architecture.


We promote the history of the community through a number of initiatives, including:

  • The CBMCA Plaque Program recognizes significant historical structures. Contact the Heritage Committee to nominate a building.

  • Historic Calgary Week Walking Tour – The Chinook Country Historical Society organizes a yearly walking tour in recognition of important people and places in Calgary’s history. Check the website for this year’s schedule.

  • The Historic Street Sign Program commemorates the historic names of every street in the community.


To assist in our work, the committee makes use of various city-wide organizations and resources, including:

  • The Calgary Heritage Initiative

  • The Calgary Heritage Authority

  • Heritage Roundtables

  • Historical Society of Alberta

  • The Chinook Historical Society

Get involved today!

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