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Making the most of the COVID-19 lockdown

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Finding yourself at home constantly can be wearing for most - no matter how much you needed extra sleep or thought of yourself as a homebody!

Many organizations have stepped into this space with offerings that can help you live a little more fully, preserve your sanity a little more effectively, and connect with others a bit more regularly.

Below are some of our FREE “fan favourites”:  all require a stable internet connection.  This list is meant to start you thinking about possibility.  Enjoy!

Concerts & Performances

Stratford Festival


Classical Concerts

Billboard Music’s Links to Online Concerts and Streaming


Virtual Museums and Art Galleries

Learn Something New

Online courses (University/Seminar)

Online courses (Wellness)

Online learning (Grades 1 -12)

Printable Learning Resources (Grades 1 - 12) 

Museums, Zoos, Etc

Museums, Zoos and Aquariums - Virtual Tours

Museums, Zoos and Theme Parks - Virtual Tours 


No-Equipment Fitness Classes

Alive Magazine

Wellness Magazine

Arts & Crafts

Crafting for Kids (1)

Crafting for Kids (2) 

Crafting for Adults

Games People Play

Online Board Games (1)

Online Board Games (2)


Gardening in Canada

Garden Design/Plan - Virtual


How to Host a Digital Book Club

How to Host a Virtual Dinner Party

How to Host an Online Netflix Binge with Friends

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