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Two Proposals for 2nd Street SW Modifications

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

The City of Calgary is currently doing consultations on possible changes to 2nd Street SW from 10 Avenue SW to 26 Avenue SW. 

The first proposal has the following key characteristics:

  • Maintains the current two-way vehicle traffic

  • New bike lanes on either side of the vehicle traffic lanes

  • Maintains current west side parking

The second proposal has the following key characteristics:

  • Converts vehicle traffic to north bound only

  • Side by side bike lanes on west side

  • Parking moved to east side

Both would have some traffic calming measures with more for the second proposal. Both would reduce the speed limit to 40 kph (subject to Council approval). 

The Cliff Bungalow – Mission Community Association does not support converting vehicle traffic to one-way north bound.  This is what was in place before two-way traffic was restored after 10 years of community effort working with the City and neighbouring communities. 

We support having marked bicycle lanes.  We support traffic calming.  We support reducing the speed limit to 40 kph. We have suggested to the City to consider slightly less wide side by side bike lanes that would allow maintaining two-way vehicle traffic.

Some people in the community have received post cards on this matter.  We are sharing this with all the community because we believe that this is a very important issue and that it is a community-wide matter. You can fill in an online survey on what your position is.  Go to and make your views known. Deadline is Friday, November 16. 

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