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The changing face of Cliff Bungalow – Mission

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Our community is continuously changing. As new developers come in, new buildings are being built (for better… or worse). We have just experienced the land use change process for Riverwalk, a twelve storey building at 25th Avenue and 5th Street SW. Unfortunately the community position was at least partially discounted as our last community-wide consultation took place in 2016. We want to be in a position to demonstrate that we reflect and represent the community as a whole when new proposals come forward. Therefore, we are holding a new Community Check-In to find out what your thoughts are.

As an inner-city community we are being tasked with accommodating more people, more business, and to allow for growth beyond what is in our Area Redevelopment Plans. Should this come at the expense of our heritage buildings, our green space and our iconic medium height building streetscapes? And if we must accept high buildings, what should we get in return as compensation (also known as density bonusing).

Please take one minute to fill out our survey and help up determine the future of our community.

This is an important opportunity for you to let us know what you think about the future of our community.

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