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Rideau Park School Playground Project needs your vote

Please find some information about the Rideau Park School Playground Project below.

Please copy and paste the following link to where you can vote for this project:

Rideau Park School has an entry in this year’s Aviva Community Fund Contest which awards one million dollars to community initiatives across Canada.

Rideau Park School is a K-9 school of 366 students,  who come from a number of inner-city communities including Cliff Bungalow, Elbow Park, Erlton, Inglewood, Mission, Parkhill, Ramsay, Rideau Park and Roxboro.

Built in 1930, Rideau Park has a diverse population both in terms of culture and socioeconomics.  The school was severely impacted by the flood of June 2013.  Many families within the community suffered extensive damages to their homes and possessions.  In addition, many of those people have had to relocate out of their homes and community during the extensive repair process.  It has been absolutely devastating emotionally, financially, physically and commercially. The community is slowly rebuilding but the process is very slow and lengthy.

We are an elementary/junior high school that currently has 1 gym to share between all students. A new sports court and playground would help accommodate students so they would have additional locations for physical activity. The gym is used constantly by physical education, team sports, musicals, assemblies and is never available to students outside of organized activities. The playground and sports court would enable students to participate in physical activity throughout the day.

Our idea for the Aviva Community Fund is to provide students of Rideau Park School with a safe, fully-accessible, environmentally sensitive playground and sport court where students can develop and nurture a love of exploration, physical skills, and outdoor play.

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