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MLA Calgary-Buffalo Hon. Kathleen Ganley

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Hon. Kathleen Ganley

While an Albertan winter can give the impression that many things remain firmly frozen in place, the province’s spaces and economic opportunities are continuing to grow and change for the benefit of all.

I’m always glad to see so many Albertans taking advantage of the province’s world-renowned parks and trails year-round. In December, the Government of Alberta announced new provincial funding for trails, specifically for the 12 projects included in The Great Trail (formerly the Trans Canada Trail). The Great Trail stretches across 24,000 kilometers nationwide, with 3000 kilometers here in Alberta.

The new $1.93 million in funding for the trails will be managed by Alberta TrailNet, a non-profit organization that represents the province for The Great Trail – the Alberta government has invested almost $10 million in The Great Trail to date. Improvements to the trails will include enhancing the existing trail and adding bridges and signage, aiding hikers, skiers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

In southern Alberta, five wind projects partner private companies with First Nations to invest appx. $1.2 billion in renewable energy in Alberta. These projects are made possible through the Alberta government’s Renewable Electricity Program and will create about 1,000 jobs and generate about 760 megawatts of affordable renewable electricity; enough to power almost 300,000 homes.

Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks: “These major private investments in southern Alberta wind projects also bring important professional service opportunities to downtown Calgary and new economic opportunities for Indigenous communities, making it a win-win for all Albertans.” Support for the Renewable Electricity Program is made possible by reinvesting revenues from carbon pricing under the Climate Leadership Plan.

In downtown Calgary, the province is extending the Calgary Rivers District Community Revitalization Levy (CRL) to allow for the expansion of the BMO Centre (which will double the current size of the facility) and millions in infrastructure upgrades to East Victoria Park. This Alberta government investment will create 2,250 jobs and contribute $223 million annually to Alberta’s economy. To learn more about CRL, please visit:

As always, I’m happy to hear from constituents. If you have feedback to offer, please contact my constituency office:

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