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Alberta financial relief

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

*** UPDATE ***

Alberta funds available now!

Are you in Self-Isolation? You may qualify for a quick cash payment.

The Province has announced a cash program starting this week for Albertans in self-isolation. It is a one-time deposit of $1,146 into your bank account within a few days. It is only open until April 1st when federal benefits begin.

We are monitoring this closely to see exactly who is eligible.

What we know so far is:

  • It is called the “Emergency Isolation Support” program

  • It will open for applications this week

  • The deadline to apply is April 1st

  • Everyone gets the same amount: $1,146

  • You must meet the AB criteria for self-isolation

  • The Alberta criteria for self-isolation can be found here:

You can apply online through Service Alberta online portal once the application is available. You may wish to create a MyAlberta Digital ID to be ready in the event you qualify:

From the Alberta Government website on March 21, 2020

This will be a temporary program for working adult Albertans who must self-isolate because they meet the Government of Alberta’s published criteria for self-isolation, including persons who are the sole care-giver for a dependent who must self-isolate because they meet the public health criteria, and who will not have another source of pay or compensation while they are self-isolated…We expect the program to be available through a simple online application next week and that funds will be deposited in the accounts of eligible recipients beginning at that time. More information on how to apply will be available next week.

We are monitoring this closely on behalf our residents. We expect to see more detailed criteria released very shortly, especially more precise criteria for the “working adults” in self-isolation who will qualify. We will post when we have it.

Also, over the coming days, we will be posting ALL of the various financial relief funds available as well as bill payments that can be deferred.

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